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Industrial Hygiene Safety / Occupational Health Safety– Train the Trainer

This course is designed to support the knowledge of the personnel involved in
occupational health or industrial hygiene safety environment and understand the
basic concepts of industrial hygiene and occupational health in general and to have
a broad understanding of the field. The course will cover the whole aspects
regarding the occupational health issues covering anticipation, recognition of
hazards in the workplace, evaluation or measurement of those hazards, and
application of control strategies. The class would benefit those wishing to pursue a
professional degree in industrial hygiene, those wishing to complete a certificate in
occupational health, or for personnels in allied health fields needing a basic
understanding of industrial hygiene or occupational health safety..

• Part 1 : Industrial hygiene and occupational health in the workplace.
• Part 2 : Hazard identification and Control
• Part 3 : Chemicals Hazards
• Part 4 : Noise
• Part 5 : Ergonomic
• Part 6 : Personal Protective Equipment
• Part 7 : Response to emergency situation
• Part 8 : Reproductive hazards
• Part 9 : Stress / Sexual Harassment
• Part 10 : Worker’s Rights – Related Regulations
• Part 11 : Information gathering
• Part 12 : Corrective Actions and Follow-up
• Part 13 : Training the workers.

1. Identify, describe, and integrate the principles of anticipation, recognition,
evaluation, and control of potential health hazards in the workplace.
2. Apply industrial hygiene principles to hazard evaluation and control in the
3. Identify and analyze the roots of entry that chemicals can enter the human
4. Identify types of physical hazards.
5. Describe, analyze and apply various hazard control techniques.
6. Emergency Response Planning
7. Identify the terms and concepts of an MSDS.
8. Identify the basic concepts of workplace exposure assessment or survey
9. Describe the hierarchy of controls and how it applies to hazard control.
10. Integrate various concepts into a broader occupational/ environmental
health practice.
11. Provide a basis for advanced course work in occupational safety and Health

At the end of the course the participant will be able to :
1. Understand the importance and contribution of Industrial Hygiene Safety in
the workplace environment.
2. Develop an understanding and assess the hazards of industrial hazards.
3. Develop an understanding and differentiate the difference between gases,
vapors, solvents, and particulates.
4. Develop an understanding and assess the hazards of industrial noise.
5. Develop an understanding and recommend solutions for dealing with
6. thermal stress.
7. Develop an understanding and consider the importance of ergonomics in
8. the workplace environment.
9. Develop an understanding and assess the different aspects of biological
10. hazards.
11. Consider the importance of evaluation of hazards to workers exposed to
12. chemical, physical, and biological agents in the workplace.
13. Develop an understanding and recommend a method of control of health
14. hazards in the work environment.
15. Identify government regulations and their impact on the workforce and
16. safety and health management.
17. Course duration : 3 days.

Investasi :

Rp. 6.500.000
Biaya diatas sudah termasuk Fee Instruktur Class Room , Penggandaan materi, Training kit, 2X Coffee Break, penginapan 1 kamar 2 orang ,Tidak termasuk pajak – pajak.


Lokasi : Hotel Raya Puncak Bogor

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